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5 months later, after my first injection began to wear off, I began to think more was better.

Despite the doctor’s excellent credentials, I had too much Pinot Grigio and didn’t tell him about my earlier Botox injections, so wound up with more than I needed.

My eyebrows were now so high and arched it looked like they were going to fly off my forehead.

My hairdresser whispered the name of yet another famous doctor (also with a skin care line), but when I learned he treated Madonna, I cancelled my appointment.

However, places like the forehead can have multiple areas.

For example, if I wanted my “11s”, horizontal forehead lines and crows feet treated and my doctor charged 0 per area (again Manhattan prices), I would walk out with a bill of 00. Just because a doctor approaches his pricing this way doesn’t mean he/she is a bad injector, but I’ve always found I pay for more than I need. Nor is it more cost efficient (one of the main reasons women get too much). Make sure you stay upright for at least 2-4 hours post Botox. I was cheating on all my Botox doctors, meaning I switched doctors, didn’t share my injection history and had less than 6 months between each one, I was getting more Botox than I needed.

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I’ve been getting Botox injections regularly for the past 4 years.

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