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A: Right click on the record icon and select "Edit this record." That will take you back to the Table view, where all the data is displayed.Q: I clicked the Compute summary data icon, but nothing happened.A: Click the word "Field" displayed next to that icon and select the field you want to summarize.Q: Some icons in my Venn diagram aren't in the right loop A: This apparent error can occur when the program is storing more decimal places than are displayed.Use this tutorial when you download your trial version and when you begin using your own copy of Inspire Data. Q: When I start Inspire Data by double-clicking a file, everything works okay, but sometimes an error message appears saying "Cannot find file or one of its components." A: This is a Windows-only timing issue, but doesn't prevent application launch or file opening, so please ignore it.

When Inspire Data is installed on a server, the file association is not set. A: Disable Parental Controls and re-install Inspire Data. Q: A copied row icon will only paste to a single row even if multiple rows are selected.

A: You can't change the preset printer margins, but that shouldn't be a problem in practice, since the 1" default margin should work with most printers. A: If you're on a Windows system, which is where this problem crops up occasionally, try printing to a different printer.

If another printer's not available, or that doesn't work, then try turning down hardware acceleration.

In the dialog that appears, click the Settings tab, then the Advanced button on that tab. Q: I can't get the printout of my plot to scale on the Mac. Also, table view printouts can be scaled, so that's another option in some situations.

In the dialog that opens, click the Performance or Troubleshoot tab (whichever one has the hardware acceleration slider control in it). Q: I canged the printer margins, but it had no effect.

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In the dialog that appears, click the Settings tab, then the Advanced button on that tab.

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