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Wing mirrors (named so because they used to be located on the car’s front wing) are obviously enough an important safety feature on any vehicle.

If the entire wing mirror or the main mirror housing has been damaged similar to the wing mirror in the photograph below, then a complete wing mirror will be required.

Most cars now come with electrically heated mirrors to help with de-frosting and to keep them clear in wet conditions.

Cars with heated wing mirrors will usually have an internal control switch or the mirror glass itself may have a small symbol indicating a heating function.

They can result in an MOT/NCT failure for the following reasons: Did you know that driving without your drivers-side wing mirror is illegal? Wing mirrors frequently get knocked off or damaged due to on-street parking on narrow streets, and just because of the fact that they’re the part of your car that sticks out the most.

In many cases, only part of the wing mirror will need to be replaced rather the whole thing, which could save you a bit of money.

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There are two types of replacement mirror glass available.