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He has been fascinated with the reasonableness of the Faith since his junior year in high school in the mid-20th century for which the religion text was entitled, "Faith and Reason".

That fascination has continued throughout his education in philosophy, math and science.

Extraordinary Minister of Communion volunteer to federal prison and hospital; lector, EOMC.

Sometime player of bass clarinet, alto clarinet, clarinet, bass, tenor bowed psaltery for parish instrumental group and local folk group. He was stationed at Ft Myer, Virgina; Yongsan, Seoul, South Korea; Sand Springs, Oklahoma and Ft Riley, KS.

He holds a BA in philosophy and Spanish from Regis University and an MA in philosophy from Fordham University.

He is interested in giving an exposition and defense of the Catholic philosophical tradition with particular attention given to metaphysics and ethics.

Author Website | Author Archive Page Latest Post: Just Another New Year’s Eve: A Reflection on Communion and Community Birgit is a 50-something cradle Catholic who is passionate about the pro-life movement.

She has been married to her Catholic convert husband, Rick, for 40 years.

Author Archive Page Latest Post: Striving to Live Worthy of His Call Cindy and her husband Jim were blessed to have five kids in four years (2 sets of twins), and are looking forward to grandchild number 3.

Author Website | Author Archive Page Latest Post: A Devotional: Dealing with Difficult People Born in Albuquerque, N. He currently lives in Denton, Texas, works in the home-mortgage industry in Dallas, participates in his parish's Knights of Columbus council, and bowls poorly on Sunday nights.

Along with Catholic Stand, he also contributes to New Evangelization Monthly and occasionally writes for his own blogs, Outside the Asylum and The Impractical Catholic.

They have four children and nine living grandchildren (all age twelve and under).

Their frequent visits eliminate any fear of an empty nest!

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Author Archive Page Latest Post: Without Excuse: The Divine Origin of Happiness Christine Roe is a graduate from Southern Methodist University in Dallas, Texas with a double major in Political Science and Public Policy with minors in Law and Legal Reasoning, History, and Human Rights.

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