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They enter the ballroom and as they attempt to capture it, they destroy the room and make a lot of noise.They ultimately manage to capture the ghost, and they find themselves an overnight success across both New York City and the nation.It is the first Ghostbusters related material that fits in both the Ghostbusters Wiki: Ghostbusters Movie Canon, and the Ghostbusters Wiki: Ghostbusters Animated Canon and is the starting of the Ghostbusters Franchise.The movie is most known for its No-Ghost Sign, the quote "Who ya gonna Call?They show up at the Sedgewick Hotel and the Hotel manager tells them that they are having problems with a resident ghost.Following a successful test of the equipment, they split up to search the hotel for the ghost. Egon calls Ray to tell him that the ghost is now in a ballroom.Peter seizes the opportunity to get romantically closer to Dana, and goes with her to the apartment.Using the Ghost Sniffer he checks out the place, finds nothing in the main room, and bedroom.

Assisted by the police and Army, the Ghostbusters make their way to the top of 55 Central Park West.Louis, similarly possessed by Vinz Clortho, Gozer's Keymaster, stumbles around Central Park.He harasses locals until finding a carriage horse and confusing it with the Gatekeeper.The mayor (David Margulies) orders the release of the Ghostbusters from jail.He has a conversation with the Ghostbusters about the events while Peck tries to counter-attack their story.

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