Gay morman dating

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Gay morman dating

In December 1976, Sylvia's Separates is taken over by Mike Baldwin (Johnny Briggs) and renamed the Western Front.

Elsie is moved from boutique manager to factory supervisor and Gail is promoted to manager with Suzie Birchall (Cheryl Murray), working for her.

In early 1977, Suzie joins Elsie and Gail at No 11, and the three women become one of the programme's most popular groups.

In November 1978, Mike Baldwin closes down the Western Front, but things look up for Gail in December when Brian Tilsley (Christopher Quinten) gatecrashes a party at Elsie's and asks her out.

Portrayed by Helen Worth, the character first appeared on-screen on 29 July 1974.

Gail is the daughter of Audrey Roberts (Sue Nicholls) and Ted Page (Michael Byrne) and is the mother of Nick Tilsley (Ben Price), Sarah Platt (Tina O'Brien) and David Platt (Jack P.

She loses her virginity to Roy Thornley, but discovers that he is married and Gail is cited in a messy divorce.

Unfortunately, Les's last visit coincides with Brian's return and he makes it very clear to Les that he is not welcome.

Brian decides not to return to Qatar and admits having "had a drink" with a nurse and Gail realizes that his friendship with her was a lot closer than he is admitting.

In April 1975, Gail discovers that the man her mother was living with - Frank Peterson - isn't her father as she thought.

Angry, Gail leaves home, moving into the shop flat with her co-worker/former schoolfriend, Tricia.

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After the warehouse they work in burns down, Gail and Tricia work in the Corner Shop, but when Renee Bradshaw (Madge Hindle) buys the shop and flat in June 1976, the girls are evicted.

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