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The reasons why could be detailed entirely in their own blog post, as portage is an incredibly feature rich system, so I’ll keep it to a few highlights.At the end of the day, this is the number one reason I ditched Arch for Gentoo.The dispatch-conf tool is actually my friend, preventing emerge from clobbering my config files.USE flags are an indispensable tool, allowing me to pick out exactly how I want my packages configured without ever having to touch a configure script.Upgrades on Arch can also feel unnecessary sometimes (Do I really to upgrade my kernel from the one I got last month? Despite my gripes in dealing with the constant upgrades, I never strayed from Arch because every other platform has felt absurdly stale and unnecessarily out of date. With my discovery of Gentoo and Portage however, I may have finally found a home in which I no longer have to pick solely between stability and modernity. Under Arch, you upgrade packages selectively, leaving your base system in tact, but a quick peek at the Arch upgrade path documentation provides a clear pictue of how often “breaking changes” occur.Upgrading a stabilized system through several iterations of these kinds of changes can be a nightmare at best, and totally break a system at worst.

Once you have identified affected packages with the tool, you can emerge the @security list set in order to upgrade only affected packages.Even though I made fun of all the Sys Admins who believe in “stability” as the holy grail of server administration, there is some value to being able to stabilize software versions on the server (and on my desktop, where I have grown incredibly lazy about updating).I may like having recent releases of Tomcat, PHP, or u WSGI, but it might not be as pressing for me to have the latest release of glibc or X11.Then when I let it have its way with these changes, it asks me to run is exemplified in the quality that it is the most intelligent dependency calculator in all of Linux package management.In situations which it cannot automatically resolve dependency conflicts, it gives precise directions on how the administrator can manually do this.

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