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moms chosen by users of i Village on their list of "Mommy Dearest The TV Moms You Love" ... Of course there are the reporters that also go looking soccer clubs fundraising ideas a little controversy to help stir the pot.Eventually, Million began making new Kunio games, although thus far they've been essentially retreads of older ones.But the series still seems to be getting healthier and healthier.These include Renegade, River City Ransom, Super Dodge Ball, Crash 'n' the Boys: Street Challenge and Nintendo World Cup, which were heavily "Americanized" versions of the Kunio-kun games.Technōs Japan has released over twenty Kunio-kun titles for the Famicom, Game Boy, and Super Famicom in Japan.The first game in the series is fully titled Nekketsu Kōha Kunio-kun , which roughly translates to "Hot Blood Tough Guy Kunio", with Nekketsu being the name of Kunio's high school.The kun suffix after his name is an informal Japanese honorific usually applied to young males.

She was ranked first on Entertainment Weekly's list in 1994 first on Fox News' list in 2005 eighth on City News' list in 2008 and was included in Time's list of the "10 ...

Kunio fandom swelled online, with many of the Japan-only games being hacked and translated into English, and soon a small but very thorough attempt at producing fangames blossomed.

Though all of this online effort was still pretty subtle in real world terms, it presumably ignited a spark among former Technos employees, prompting their new company, Million, to purchase the rights to the Kunio series and re-release many of the games, first for the Game Boy Advance, and then on the Wii Virtual Console.

See, since there were never any ongoing plans to release the whole series outside Japan, the various games that did make it were localized in almost as many different ways as there were different games.

The first Kunio game, , in which most evidence of a clear protagonist was lost.

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Another thing American players largely missed out on was that many of the Famicom games supported up to four players, thanks to an adapter that was incompatible with the NES.