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Kanye dating selita ebanks

A source close to West exclusively tells Entertainment Reporter La Shonda Matlock that “His ex-girlfriend Amber Rose was very aware of his budding new relationship with Selita towards the end of their relationship.Kanye has been with Selita for over eight-months now.The diners toast to the lyrics saluting the "douche bags" and applaud Griffin's performance.The dinner ends when the phoenix, horrified, screams in anguish at the revelation that the main dish is a large turkey, driving the guests away from the table.Griffin is then shown driving his MTX Tatra V8 through the forest with "Dark Fantasy" playing in the background.A phoenix (Ebanks), appearing as half-woman and half-phoenix, crashes down to Earth as a meteorite and Griffin crashes his MTX Tatra V8 in the forest.She comments on the repressive nature of his world, declaring, "Do you know what I hate most about your world?Anything that is different you try to change." She then tells him she must burst into flames to avoid this fate, and thus, return to her world.

Vanessa Beecroft served as the art director with Jonathan Lia producing; also with Creative Consultants Virgil Abloh, Alexandre Moors, and Jason Last. West describes the video as an "overall representation of what [he dreams]" and a parallel to his music career.I’ve been hearing that Kanye West has a new “girlfriend” but I kind of thought it was bullsh-t.Kanye has apparently been seeing model Selita Ebanks for months now, allegedly.But I do know that Selita is a major upgrade from Amber – Selita is actually an established model with her own profile (who has already been engaged to one other high-profile man, Nick Cannon), and she doesn’t have to hustle with Kanye’s ego to get work. Kanye West has been known to easily jump from one beautiful lady to the next.But contrary to popular knowledge his latest muse Selita Eubanks has been around for almost a year.

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notes, Ebanks revealed that her casting happened at a dinner with Kanye and Ivanka.