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It stretched out before them in an endless expanse of yellow orange glow, bright enough to cause blinding afterimages despite the fact that the projection software was dimming the visible light to less than one percent of what was actually there. It was just many of the circuit points that enabled interstellar travel were located close—uncomfortably close—to stars.They were less than twenty thousand kilometers above the coronal layer of the star, close enough that no curvature of the surface was perceptible, close enough that a loop of a mass ejection could shroud them if one happened to spring forth in the right spot. The ship was enveloped in a dense electromagnetic shield powered by one of its four fusion generators, a shield so thick and so dense that Traveler could actually descend five thousand kilometers into the star’s sub-coronal layer before any damage would occur. Gath took his eyes off the strangely beautiful glow of up close starlight and looked at the digital display just above the floor.

Denne lækre kuffert er udført med et lækkert design som udstråler eksklusivitet. Dette rum indeholder en polstret sidelomme til en tablet. Smart mellemstørrelse taske med flot diamantmønster i bordeaux fra Ulrika. Indvendig et stort rum med 3 lommer, den ene med lynlås. Everyone is different, so it would make sense that the way in which we express ourselves won’t always be the same.In our culture, whenever someone feels excluded, it seems that the impulse now is to bash the thing they’ve been excluded from and thing, one which might possibly encompass the interest of others who are feeling excluded as well.They were three metric minutes from the entrance to Circuit B-Centauri/Proxima-2, only the second circuit ever mapped by human explorers, the circuit that made them realize that the first one—Sol/Proxima-1— was not just an odd fluke of nature unique to their home solar system.The ship was currently moving at 412 kilometers per second, just above escape velocity for Proxima Centauri, the red dwarf star that defined the Proxima-2 part of the circuit, and a relative snail’s crawl compared to its usual cruising speed of .005C, or one half of one percent of light speed.

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Gathius Stoner, called Gath by those who knew him, sat on the observation deck of the HSS Outreach Traveler, a seventy kiloton interstellar transport ship that had been his home for the last five and a half weeks of metric time.

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