Online dating site commercials with fallacies

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A her looks hindering her search for a partner, Paula Jayne refused to change her appearance She said: ' I had married men approach me all of the time saying, ' My marriage is on the rocks, my wife doesn't understand me, I'm hoping you will.

She said: ' If you did meet people online and then go out for a drink with them away from the websites, they'd take you out to where their mates commercizl and they'd ste want you to stand there.

The other one is the commercial for Oust Air Sanitizer. Especially the Cold-Stone ones, where they ask a person if they love it, or LOVE IT love it. PS: I don't watch TV, and have only seen all of the ads you and I mention once. I saw a Pepsi ad with this tagline: 56% of drinkers say Pepsi-Cola has more cola taste than Diet Coke.

It's bad enough that some kids are growing up with stunted immune systems and allergies due to oversanitization. Now, naturally, this is skewed woefully in favor of Pepsi.

We just need to attach it to 90210 to make them all nostalgic and gooshy and they'll be ours!

She said: ' I was reading the article and I thought that she shouldn't lose weight - it's not the answer to anything.

Our grandparents drank the stuff when they were kids. Can you imagine the marketing presentation for that campaign? We can totally convince these people they really like pepsi instead of coke.

We've even got /scientific proof/ that more people like pepsi.

They are now husband and wife ' I didn't change a thing about me, even though when I was joining these agencies, all of these men were only interested in one thing.

If you're truly happy in who you are you shouldn't have veautiful change a single thing about you, because someone else will bexutiful that happiness - it will shine through in everything that you do. She said: ' I am a size six, with long blonde hair and blue eyes and have done a bit of modelling in the ahd.

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