Outdoor ativities dating

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Bring her to your favorite park or a beach near you and indulge. Plot out three different locations you’d like to eat at, and make sure it’s located outdoors! Make it feel like you two are living out an 80’s date sequence.

Instead of hitting the gym, take a long, pleasant bike ride. Summer season or not, it’s always a good idea to go to the beach on a first date!You might think picnics are passé, but your date will really appreciate this little gesture!Bring out the old picnic basket and cook up some sweet picnic-ready dishes. It’s technically considered as one of the outdoor activities you can do with your date!Win her a stuffed toy in the game you’re best at, and grab some cotton candy from the vendor.Cap off the night by riding the carousel and bask in the glow of the yellow lightbulbs. Yes, but she’ll definitely love the nostalgia of a theme park! She’s a calm, docile creature who always keeps her chill.

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Alternatively, you could take her out on the run in your favorite route, or you could go to the park and do yoga together. Take off your shoes and feel the sand on your feet.

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