Pay tv licence ireland online dating

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Pay tv licence ireland online dating

The BBC also faces a backlash because Graham Norton - who is believed to earn £2.5million a year for his chat show - only had to declare £900,000 because most of his cash is paid to him via a production company.

Bake Off star Mary Berry, Question Time host David Dimbleby and Top Gear's Matt Le Blanc are not on the list at all for similar reasons.

Former political editor Andrew Marr also came out fighting and defended his £400,000-a-year salary and said: 'I have been offered deals by the BBC's commercial rivals at a higher rate'.

There's only way this can go and that is that the talent salaries and wages will round upwards, they won't go down.The BBC's annual report revealed today: Director General Tony Hall has urged his staff not to make comparisons but the list of people earning more than £150,000 has revealed stark differences on many hit shows.The BBC's top paid woman is Claudia Winkleman who earns up to £499,000 for her TV and radio work - around £1.75million less than the top man Chris Evans.BBC women are irate with many using the hashtags #notonthelist and #Gender Pay Gap while legal experts claim the BBC could now face a slew of sex discrimination claims by the BBC's female presenters.Male stars are under fire for their salaries and today Jeremy Vine was confronted by a listener on his Radio 2 show who asked if he was embarrassed by his £750,000 salary and the star admitted: 'I don't really want to answer', adding later that the 'BBC was hurting today'.

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