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Problems related to human rights in Chile include discrimination against indigenous populations; societal violence and discrimination against women, children, and lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) people; child labor; and harsh prison conditions and treatment.Additional human rights concerns in the country include use of excessive force and abuse by security forces, isolated reports of government corruption, and anti-Semitism.Some parts of Chile were waking up to scenes of devastation on Thursday morning after a magnitude 8.3 earthquake shook homes and sent tsunamis crashing against the country’s coastline.Waves up to 5metres (16 feet) were observed at Conquimbo, closest to where the quake struck, while others of about two metres were reported at Tongoy.Both areas have been declared catastrophe zones by the Chilean president, Michelle Bachelet, and images and videos showed scenes of devastation where the tsunami hit.Five people have died and dozens were injured in the quake – though officials hailed city planning measures for keeping the impact well below the large tremor of 2010, which killed more than 500.

On March 28, the Santiago Appellate Court approved bail for four of the eight. The status of the case in the military justice system against Millacura was unknown at year’s end.

In Kiev, Ukrainan dog hunters are shooting or poisoning thousands of the city's some 18,000 homeless animals, most of which are stray dogs.

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Kean picked out a few elements that make this sighting a little special, in particular that the Government investigated the footage so thoroughly, and found examples of the object on seven pieces of film.

Cosmic Log said that, for independent research to take place, the other six videos must be released, as well as details about the camera-men, and their relationship to each, in order to ascertain if a hoax had been carried out.

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Authorities generally maintain effective control over the security forces.