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" Brianna placed a gentle hand on the tall woman's upper arm. In the parking lot she looked around wondering where her savior went. At least that's the name I've seen on your work shirt." Still silence.

Just as she was about to give up, she noticed a shadow of someone leaning up against the wall of the building past the lamppost.

" "Oh, I've got an HTML exam on Monday, and an oral on some philosopher.

I'm really not good at this whole philosophy thing. It would help." "Ah yes, Soren is an intriguing man." "You know about him?

She looked up into the bluest eyes and saw a playful spark behind them. The women ordered their drinks from the bar and began looking around. Clearing her throat, she asked, "So, how long have you been working at the university? Digging into the fries, Bri then asked, "What did you do before that?

"Thanks again Marty." She then walked off to meet up with her loud roommate. The dimness of the room and the flashing strobe lights did not provide much of a view to pick out a face in particular, since all one could see were the masses of bodies gyrating on the dance floor. " "Stuff here and there." Marty shoved a big mixed scoop of potatoes and vegetables into her mouth.

"Oh, excuse me I wasn't paying...attention." Emerald green eyes locked onto sapphire blue, and the silence between them became deafening. "It's been over a month and you have yet to go out. "Do you have a problem with alternative lifestyles?

It's all driving me up the wall right now." "Who's the philosopher?

Not thinking much of it, she decided to take her time and enjoy the moment of peaceful silence, if that was at all possible with the bass of the music vibrating against the walls. How about you and me go somewhere and get to know each other? Suddenly from behind him another voice said, "The young lady already informed you she wasn't interested." They both turned to see a tall dark figure with piercing blue eyes. The dark woman looked first at Bri and arched an eyebrow.

She stepped up to the sink to wash her hands, and suddenly the hair on the back of her neck stood on end. "Go the fuck away, you bitch, or do you want me to show you what a real man is like." He spat out. You look human to me and human is my kind." She grabbed the stranger's large hand in her own, and they looked at each other again. I'll have a California burger, fries and a diet Coke." Bri answered.

One was busy scribbling away while the other continued to pop seedless green grapes into her mouth. And where did you learn all of that stuff on html coding? "Marty wait." She sat up on her haunches and moved closer. I didn't do the work --- hell there were times I didn't even bother going to classes. I got lucky because the house was still available." She fought back a surfacing tear. " "I've been told I am unstable, incompetent, and that I would never amount to anything because I'm mentally challenged." "Who the fuck told you that? "Every one of the counselors and staff at juvi-hall. You know, since you're done with studying and you know everything for your test." Bri smiled. How about you check online for the movie listing while I freshen up." "Okay." Getting up she sat in front of the monitor and looked through the site.

Marty, remember she's straight and you never went to college but here you just agreed to assist her in studying Kierkegaard. ************ Two figures lay on the floor with books and notes between them. well, now that you know everything, I better go." Brianna realized she had touched on a sensitive subject. "After my mom died from cancer I became very bored with school. As soon as I was the legal age I came back and claimed the house and pop's insurance money from the accident.

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Yeah, he seemed like a nice guy, but she just wasn't interested in his advances. At least I'll be able to breathe comfortably for a few minutes. "Aw come on, I'll make it worthwhile." He then grabbed her.

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