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I'm often giving food away (offering it to friends, neighbors, and coworkers) in an attempt to keep "most" of the temptation away, which means he never seems gets his fair share (in his humble opinion, anyway).

Or I go on major cooking benders when he's not around.

That’s equivalent to roughly one slice of sourdough bread.

Along with endurance, running also strengthens bones and muscles and bolsters metabolism, however at a certain point, lean muscle will not continue to increase with running, as the repetitive nature of running only requires a certain level of muscle recruitment for sustainability.

Add onions and saute until tender, about seven minutes. Sprinkle flour over the onions and cook until it is absorbed, about 1 more minute.

Heat the butter in the same pan over medium to medium-high until melted.

“Around 40 percent of running injuries start in the knees, which can be avoided with a balance of strength training and consistent stretching after running, and in combination with a good shoe” says Pip Taylor, professional triathlete and author of the Athlete’s Fix. Build up, train your muscles and joints for endurance to allow optimal adaptation, and, as always, properly fuel your body before and after for the long run, with adequate recovery periods in between.

As a result, digestion of food begins to slow and is exactly why a big meal before a run is never a good idea.

While it’s essential to fuel your body pre-run, always opt for something small and light like a piece of fruit or sandwich. When you run long distances it triggers the release of endorphins, brain chemicals that produce feelings of euphoria, and can even go so far as to numb the body from physical pain.

So it’s just as important to “train” our ticker to endure long distances as it is to train our legs.

Each time you run, the idea is to increase your “maximal oxygen uptake,” which measures how efficient you are at using oxygen.

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