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I came to your site to see if there was a language out there that used the same words but couldn't see anything. They're so proud to be the only Be Ma and Be Pa that they know!!!!!

Be Ma/Be Pa: My 2 year old has called my parents - Be Ma and Be Pa since the first time she could speak and even though she can speak properly now refuses to call them anything else!

today's grandparents are coming up with new names in droves!

Alvin and Butter-butt: My daughters started calling my father Alvin because they thought he had puffy cheeks like Alvin the singing chipmunk.

We always called my grandmother Babchi (bop-chee) or Baba (Bah-bah) and my grandfather was Dadju (Dah-jooh).

I was always told that Baba was Ukrainian and Babchi was Russian. When our first g-child was born, we pondered, as Busia (which signifies "old" to me) and Bunia were taken.

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I think my mother in law has the most unique grandma name... She wasn't ready to be a "grandma" when her daughter started having kids 6 years ago and she still likes to tie one on.

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